7 Hours on the Razor 2019
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 Dear Friends and Family,


It’s that time of year again and I am aiming to raise funds for the “Central California Adaptive Sports Center”. Some of you will remember a similar request 2 years ago. This organization is a charity based in the Sierra mountains, east of Fresno, that provides outdoor activities, Summer and Winter, to any person (& family) with a physical or cognitive disability, which includes quite a few returning armed service personnel. Activities include: stand up and sit skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, horse back riding, fly fishing, down hill biking, hiking and rock climbing.


Mikee and I have been involved with this charity for 5 years now and last year the organization & resort suffered due to the lack of snow and not being able to run its winter fund raiser, so this year I am focused more than ever to help raise some funds. For your donations I am going to ski for 7 hours on a combined blue and black (intermediate and difficult) ski run making as many laps as I can. In the past I have completed this as an individual participant and with a team and each year the event has been just after or during a snowstorm. This year I am back to being solo, did I forget to mention all this skiing is to be done in costume, yet to be decided!


Funds raised go towards paying for equipment, instructors, teaching new instructors, and assisting participants financially to enable them to join in the many activities. For many people this organization allows them to reconnect with hobbies/activities that they have enjoyed in the past, for others it is about trying something completely new & pushing boundaries. For everyone, the participants, their caregivers’ and/ or families it is about enjoying the outdoors, everyone leaves the mountain tired and full of stories.


Please help me raise funds for this amazing charity by donating any amount on my donation page at:


Some employers will match your donations, so please enquire with your employer if this is possible.


Thank you in advance for your kind donation and be assured that your money provides smiles and happy memories to many adults and children who would otherwise not have this opportunity.


Nicky Marriott




  • Suzanne (about 8 months ago)

    Making a Difference!

  • Kellie (about 8 months ago)

    Have fun!

  • Isn (about 8 months ago)

    Break a leg! ( no don’t - but you get the drift!)

  • Sarah (about 8 months ago)

    Good Luck, can't wait to see this years outfit creation !!!

  • Fieke (about 8 months ago)

    Go girl! Love ya!

  • Emmanuel (about 8 months ago)

    Miss ya girl !!! Be safe !!!! You’re awesome !!!!??

  • Carlie (about 8 months ago)

    Way to go Nicky!!

  • ERNEST (about 8 months ago)

    Thant you for your good workv

  • Carol (about 8 months ago)

    Hi Nicky! Penny told us about you. Seems like a great event!

  • Ian (about 8 months ago)

    have a great day Nicky love Ian and Ali

  • judy (about 8 months ago)

    Even though this after the event, Nicky, I hope you can still use it this year or next.

  • Marcia & Al (about 8 months ago)

    Enjoy and thank you! Be safe!

  • vojtech (about 8 months ago)

    We are proud of you, Nicky! We wish you strength and power to complete the whole ski-athon,

  • Anonymous (about 9 months ago)

    There will likely be plenty of snow for you this year!

  • Diana (about 9 months ago)

    Good Luck

  • Mark (about 9 months ago)

    Good luck

  • Jeremy (about 9 months ago)

    Be safe!

  • Frances (about 9 months ago)

    Go for it Nicky!

  • Karen (about 9 months ago)

    Our lives shall be valued not by what we take ..... but by what we give. Thanks for your time and caring,

  • Anonymous (about 9 months ago)

    Have a fun day for a good cause!

  • Elizabeth (about 9 months ago)

    Good luck!

  • Penny (about 9 months ago)

    Julian will buy you dinner if you can complete more laps than Filippo!

  • Anonymous (about 9 months ago)

    Good luck!

  • Kari (about 9 months ago)

    With you in spirit!! Great event!!! Great People!!

  • Mike (about 9 months ago)

    Go Nicky!

  • Robert (about 9 months ago)

    Good luck guys. Rob

  • Toni and Wayne (about 9 months ago)

    Good luck Nicky. Thats a lot of skiing.

  • Anonymous (about 9 months ago)

    Go Nicky!

  • Russell (about 9 months ago)

    Go Nicky!!!

  • Janet (about 9 months ago)

    Do we get to choose the costume?

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